About  EarringArt

What sort of earring art is hanging from

your ears? Earrings are one of the most personal statements one can make.

Earrings can be changed throughout

the day -or-

day to day. They


moods, activities,

or personality

at any given moment.

And, if you don't feel

some way one minute,

you can change it!


Adornment has always

been used; it can show

social status,

family and faith,


marriage status

and eligibility, or

make a statement

for or against superstition.


   Earrings and adornment simply say:


I adore earrings, therefore I like to make them. Earrings talk. I listen. Size is limited by the lobe of the ear, and how much weight it can bear, but the relative extent of the artwork is small. I make earrings out of any number of materials: metal, shells, glass, acrylics, resin, leather, stones, semi-precious stones and wood. I like the challenge that an earring dares me to take: to look at textures, shapes and form, colors and materials, then make the piece within a reasonable range of weight and size. 




"This is Who I Am."

Earrings have been worn by men and women over the centuries and have many meanings. People and their earrings have a close relationship; they both endow or are endowed by the power that only personal adornments can offer.
I know I try to engage myself in the communication, but ultimately the earring is waiting for its very own person to arrive.
That's when the person can say "I'm daring. I'm unflinching. I want to make a creative impact!" And the earring says "Yes!" Some say that all art is autobiographical, and I say that I want to convey a sense of
sparkly fun and creativity.