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It's All About  Time, Cultural Meanings and Interpretations

 It's All About  

   Your Choices

Unconditional love. Compassion. Innocence. Purity. Good health. Also Springtime, Life, growth. Inexperience. Fertility. Self respect. "Green with envy." The wicked witch of the West was also green. In some cultures, green is the East.

The fifth level is the throat chakra, and its color is blue. Helping the throat area are:


Lapis Lazuli



Blue calcite

Tiger's eye



The day sky is cerulean blue; Water. The cold blue hues of Winter. The direction North. The direction East. Turquoise blue. A Wolf, Buffalo, and the attitude of giving. The inky blue of the night sky. The blue moon. Air, oxygen, or lack of it: "Turning blue." Truth. Clarity. Purity. Sadness or depression. Tranquility. Trust. Conservative attitudes. Relaxation. Trustworthiness. Responsibility. Ooompa loompas.

The sun is yellow. Sunny. Happiness, Joy. Acquired knowledge, the mind and intellect. In China, Imperial.

The Eastern direction. The South.

But also cowardice, fear and weakness. "Turn yellow" is fear. Yellow can also be a jaundiced condition. And leaves turn yellow and red in Autumn. Change. Slowing down.

The third level in

the chakra is

the solar

plexus, the

color yellow.

Still warm,

the upper

belly. Light.

Helping this

area is:


Tiger's eye




Stones, shells, charms, colors and crystals have been assigned many meanings over the years. This depends on the culture, time, season, gender, area of the body or belief system, to name some factors. For example: when the adornment is an earring, what are you communicating to the world?

It's All About        The Elements  


What else does red symbolize? Love. Hearts are also depicted red. Red planet Mars. Masculine energy. The horse. War. Anger. Caution. Warmth. The southern direction, the South. Love. Sex. Summer, Woodpeckers and Salmon.


Looking at the chakra colors, beginning at the base chakra: the base is your body's grounding area. Red is the symbolic color used.


Helping stones

and crystals are:




Smokey quartz




The second chakra moves

up to the sacral area, or lower belly. Orange is its symbolic color. Stones to help or strengthen this area include:









However, red becomes

orange, with

a little yellow

mixed in. It is

still warm, and,

in some places,

still the direction South. Yet also

it is Autumn, the West, crow, snake and owl. Orange is

Stimulating, Fruity, Enthusiastic. Optimistic. Orange as the color gold symbolizes a long reign of power. A spiritual seeker. Auspicious. Hazard alerts.

Third Eye - the area in your forehead between the eyes - is the sixth chakra. Its symbolic color is purple. Look to receive help and strength through:






The color purple is connected visually with loyalty, power, and ambition. Good judgment, Courage. Virtue, and the color of mourning. It represents pride. Creativity. Luxury.dd

The Crown Chakra is the seventh level, represented by the color violet and clear crystals such as:


Clear calcite

Clear quartz



Purpose, magic, dreams, imagination. Grace, Humility. Clarity, Transcendence, Purity. Assists in combination with any other crystal or stones. White in some cultures is the North. Also death. Femininity is the color lavender.

The Heart chakra is the fourth level, and the symbolic color is green. Green, however, is also the color

of money and success. Helping

the heart chakra are:





Rose quartz



Amazonite soothes emotional trauma, worry, fear and promotes universal love and intuition.


Amethyst has strong cleansing power and vibrates good energy to help cultivate tranquility.


Carnelian also believed to calm anger and emotional negativity. It inspires power and stamina while promoting motivation and endurance.


Citrine stands for light, happiness and abundance. It is powerful for helping to achieve goals.


Garnet energizes, cleanses and promotes balance. It is said to warn against danger, and acts as a protective talisman. Success in business.


Clear quartz is a master healer, and amplifies energy. It can increase spiritual wisdom and insight. Have this to aid in creativity.


Obsidian is another protecting stone. Removes negativity and sharpens focus on internal and external matters.


Abalone holds great healing and soothing powers, enhancing peace and calm.


Aquamarine clears and balances


Mother of pearl is for healing and alleviates fear.

Green aventurine inspires creativity, zest for life, and manifests prosperity and wealth. Also, openness in relationships.

Howlite is often dyed and called turquoise, but has powerful properties of its own. It teaches patience, and absorbs anger, and helps a person receive wisdom and insight.

Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful blue stone which also aids the third eye chakra, increases wisdom, and embodies inner truth. It promotes psychic abilities.

Rose quartz vibrates with the energies of unconditional love, and opens the heart to all love. Raises self esteem and balances emotions.

Red jasper strengthens boundaries. Inspires wholeness, and stabilizes the aura.

Pearls attract prosperity, increase intuition, psychic sensitivities and is highly protective.

Prehnite strengthens life force, stimulates energy, said to ease worries and aids spirit communication. With clear quartz, it pretty much covers you with energy and protection.

Turquoise is a truth and protection stone.   It enhances communication, and brings strength and connection to the spirit world.

White jade increases concentration and focus and aids in filtering out distractions.

Green jade promotes abundance, well being and nature energy. Also a lucky charm that can help you attain your goals and manifest your dreams in the physical world.

Amber promotes warmth, well being and nurturing.


Agates are grounding, and provide stability.


Hematite provides clarity and grounding.


Malachite provides protection and inspires leadership and confidence.


Moonstones promote feminity, intuition, patience and inner work.


Picture jasper is for earth magic and visioning.


Tiger eye is for balance, discerning and grounding.


Sodalite is for insight, inner clarity and intuition.


Unakite releases toxicity and heals.


Kyanite is for psychic abilities and lucidity.


Labradorite is for journeying, promotes psychic abilities and intuition.




Some stones you'll find in my earrings, and their meanings...           



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