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All chevron shaped earrings without fringe are $25.00 These are dimensional earrings which are another subset in the variety collection. Call them a chevron? An element from sci fi? A dimensional pyramid? The colors of this one are a beautiful violet, cream and green. And the apex of the two chakra woven pair becomes the nadir. Ok, they point down. There is a gold finding. There's even a small aura crystal.

Variety Collection 10

  • There is no charge for this, but there is a system for doing this.
    First, order THIS pair. In notes section on order form, tell me about your color choices! Also let me know the metal of choice for your finding. Any precious metallic finding will have a $5 surcharge, and any precious metallic galvanized bead, $5.00-8.00 added. For example, ask for this model with sterling findings, and in, say, a silver combo, and it would be $10 added. Silver plated findings standard. Ask for gold plated finding and gold galvanized beads in the design, add $8.00

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