This collection is strung on leather. I held myself back from using the giant plastic glow in the dark pony beads I used to take to the classroom for bead craft day. That said, I felt the need to make everything more complex than the jewelry we might've done in elementary school. And that's good, because I stay focused easier. I flunked Kindergarten because I couldn't focus on anything easy.
I had a Team of friends to help me take photos of the earrings. My technical support person refused to show up on time (time windows 2-12), my stylist ducked out to help organize something else, another friend was Food Supply, and yet another chatted with Food Supply about better ways to do things which caused me 3 more hours of work in the future.
As a result, the "good pictures" might've been uniform, but the frantically made photos make good alternates for color. The first image proves this. The color is perfect in the awful photo, but OFF OFF OFF in the other. Bear with me.

Strung earrings Collection 1

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