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These are about 1" long without finding. Japanese delica beads size 11. The blue pair and bright pink pair are out of stock, but available for order. 
My own pair are a dark steely gunmetal gray. I never wear teeny earrings, but I like the teeny, subtle glint of them as I move. They are more "watch out" than "skipping pretty down the primrose path," which suits me just fine.
But hey. Right now I'm watching the movie "Bullitt" and admiring the gorgeous light yellow Porsche 356. I think I have just the right color yellow bead...The yellow, or actually more of a chartreuse pair hangs on an embellished kidney wire.

Little flower buds Extra Small!

  • The system is this: if you like the style but think of other colors, first choose the image and put that in your shopping cart. Then let me know in the notes section about the choices. Pictured are a few of the colors in stock. They can be special ordered in the color(s) preferred. The style is a petite 1" long, without finding. Choose metal color plated silver or gold.

  • There are no returns for earrings.

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