This pair is a one of a kind, and the lamp worked glass beads remind me of a flamenco dancer. Yes, black and red. I found that, although black red seem rather a common color combo, it's challenging to work with. In this case, it's a glass bead, red base, covered in clear glass in which black has been swirled. The beads I used were black, and I could see other possibilities, but the bead is the focus, here. Think of mixing yellow or gold with it. Picturing it? Sure, a German flag has those colors, but then again the flag is not a lamp worked bead, and yellow would just not do. But that's my humble opinion. You be the judge. When this one is gone, it's gone. 
Foiled glass involves putting foil underneath the glass while making the bead (logical.) Other colors can be added or layered and the end product is a bead which glows.

Foil and more 11

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