Daggers. Cloak and daggers. These two pair are currently in stock. They are articulated, which means they are two part earrings. The dagger swings very close to the neck. However, this is a very dark description of some film noir scenario which ran through my mind as I saw the earring element for the very first time. In fact, I shuddered, telling  my friend (she gave me some samples) that I'd never use them! But I did. Bronze and silver metals to begin with. Another friend wanted the dagger reversed. She'd wear those, she said. But then they wouldn't be daggers, would they? I haven't expanded the dagger collection to the reverse dagger collection yet. Stay tuned. More to come in silver, gold, copper and black.
The bronze metal dagger features sunstone, bronze and copper elements. The earring is about 4 inches long.

Dagger Collection 1

  • 2 daggers are in stock and you can see they have very different moods. The available metals are bronze, copper, gold, silver and black. The possibilities are endless. First: click on the dagger in the store. Then, in a note on the check out page, tell me the color dagger and what colors you'd like, stones, finding, etc.