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Quart crystal points in beautiful colors. They are all quartz, some dyed, some are aura crystals. some are polished and some natural. It is difficult picking a crystal, because they usually have to "speak" to you personally. The best thing I can do is, if you're interested is send many pics in various angles. Right now, I have many crystal points.

Aura crystal Collection 1

  • 1. Aqua aura quartz has turquoise beaded wreath 2. Lt. Blue aura 3. Lt. Green aura quartz with oliv, blue beads 4. Pink quartz aura crystal 4a gold filigree butterfly 4b on a thin string of pearlescent beads 4c decorative threaded beads 5. Lt Green polished point 6. Light blue aura quartz a. With top dk. Blue bead b. With top clear bead c. Very light blue aura quartz with clear bead d. Horizontal 2 small blue crystals 7. Rainbow crystals (dyed) 8. Hot pink thin crystals dyed 9. Blue/ green grad

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